About Us

Black Conscious Coventry (BCC) is a community based group which was formed by four socially conscious individuals who share a passion for Black History & culture and want to a make a positive impact within the African and Caribbean Community in Coventry.

BCC aims to do this by offering services to Educate, Motivate, Unite and raise the consciousness of the African and Caribbean community within Coventry. BCC also host events which offer thought provoking topics and explores historical and contemporary issues that affect the Black Community and offering services which . These discussions will sort to find tangible solutions to the challenges that the community faces.

BCC will be organising a variety of events that will educate, entertain and engage the community with a heavy focus on the youth, while providing networking opportunities for local Black Businesses within Coventry.

BCC asks for your support in all their future endeavours as ultimately the success of these events will be a benefit to the African Caribbean community in Coventry.

Meet The BCC Team

Cherelle Harding

Co Founder

Creative Director

Jerome Lammy

Co Founder

Finance Director

Jerome Prescod

Co Founder

Strategic Director

Nathaniel Prescod

Co Founder

Communications Director